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New release: DanceWave Studio

DanceWave Studio is the best music software for the dance studio. It is a very userfriendly and very easy to learn Music and video System, with users all over the world. It is especially made for the dance studio. Within seconds you will be able to use the software and play music or video.

DanceWave is very useful because it has several features for playing the right music or video at the right moment, like levels per song/video, categories, pitch control, tempo control, playlists, cross fade, sound analyzer and many more.

Check out the downloads for the demo version.

Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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XYMUS makes it very easy for you to rent out your music.
Your files will be encrypted and can only be played with the XYMUS Player.

Music cannot be burned on a CD or DVD and cannot be replaced with normal audio files.

Music can be imported from DVD or downloaded from your website from within XYMUS Player. By using licenses you can control if the XYMU Player should play music or not.

More information will follow soon.....

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